St Margaret Mary’s Mini Vinnies students Sleepout at school!

St Margaret Mary’s Yr 5 students George, Anthony and Shakira during their a visit to Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta with their fundraising cheque

St Margaret Mary’s Primary School Merrylands held a very successful Mini Vinnies sleepout raising both awareness about homelessness, and a tremendous $8 115 to buy essential items for people in need!

A select group of Year 5 and Year 6 students active in the school’s Mini Vinnies group took part in the sleepout, staying overnight at school from 6pm on a Friday night until 8am the next morning.

Year 5 teacher and sleepout co-ordinator Francine Attard said students had a simple dinner of instant noodles in cups, bread rolls and water, while supper was flavoured milk with a biscuit.

”The students also took part in activities including making bookmarks and bags full of basic toiletries for homeless people,” Mrs Attard said.


The annual event led students to reflect on what it is like to experience homelessness.

”We all need to remember there are people out there with no shelter so we always need to help them out and help them with lots of support,” one student said.

”I also learnt it is very important to have faith in God and in others to help us out with whatever’s wrong,” another student said.