Our weekly school newsletter is designed to keep you and your family up-to-date with all that is happening at St Margaret Mary's.

With information about upcoming events, recent achievements, reminders and community news, our newsletter is always worth reading. Digital copies of the past and present school newsletters can be downloaded below.

  Newsletter No 32 23rd October 2019

Principals Message, School Uniforms, School Hats, Kindergarten 2020, School Canteen, Bookclub Due, Dance Fever, Ne Regigious Education Curriculum, St Margaret Mary's Parish Multicultural Festival. 


  Newsletter No 30 25th September 2019

Mrs Prendergast Farewell, Important Dates for Term 4, Jersey Day-Mufti Day, Staff Professional Learning Day, Summer Uniform, Term 3 School Fees, School Photos, Lowes

  Newsletter 28 11th September 2019

Term 3 School Fees, Skoolbag App, Car Pick Up, School Hours, Student Attendance, School Canteen, School Fun Run, School Disco

  Newsletter No 27 4th September 2019

Principal's Message, Ball Free Day, Infants Sports Carnival, Whole School Picnic, Term 3 Fees, Updating information, Excursions and Incursions, Electronic Toys, School Hours, Lunches, Staff Profession Learning Day, Student Wellbeing, School Colour Run.

  Newsletter No 26 28th August 2019

Principals Message, School Fees, Afternoon Dismissal, Car Pick up, Father's Day Liturgy, Father's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Wrapping and Staff

  Newsletter No 25 20th August 2019

Principals Message, School Fees, Afternoon Dismissal, Car Pick up, Father's Day Liturgy, Father's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Wrapping and Staff

  Newsletter No 24 14th August 2019

Year 2 Gates, ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice, Monday Morning Assembly, Book Week, Cumberland Zone Carnival, Maths Week

  Newsletter No 23 7th August 2019

Principal Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Mini Vinnies Sleepout, Book Week Celebrations

  Newsletter No 22 31st July 2019

Staff Professional Learning Day, New COLA Area, Monday Morning Assembly, Pyjama Day/Family Day, Parent Numeracy Information Night, Book Week Celebrations

  Newsletter No 21 24th July 2019

Principal's Message, School Uniforms, Four Pillars, School Hours Important Dates For Term 3, Pyjama Day

  Newsletter No 20 3rd July 2019

Enrolments, School Office, StMM's Canteen, Important Dates for Term 3, Apology, 

  Newsletter No 19 26th June 2019

Principals Message, Enrolments, Term 2 School Fees, School Office, Attendance, Car Pick Up, Semester 1 Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews/Student Led Conferences, Important Dates for Term 3, Earn and Learn

  Heading for Newsletter No 18 19th June 2019

Term 2 School Fees, Allergies, Lost Property, School Uniform, Student Medical Information, Semester One Reports, TTFM Survey, Monday Assembly, Vinnies Van, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Our Four Pillars of Learning

  Newsletter No 17 12th June 2019

Principal's Message, Year 6 Canberra Excursion, Year 5 Science, Year 4 Receive Golden Ticket, Pentecost Prayer, Parent Feedback, Crocheting, Earn and Learn, Year 1 Church Visit, Miss Tuma's Wedding

  Newsletter No 16 5th June 2019

Principal’s Morning Tea, Pentecost Prayer, School Fees, Year 5 Science, Canteen Update, DET Principals Visit, Parent Feedback TTFM

  Newsletter No 15 29th May 2019

Principal’s Message, Classroom Disruptions, School Fees, Canteen Online, Second Hand Uniform, School Uniforms, Primary Athletics Carnival, Year 6 Canberra, Kindy Work, Positive Behaviour, Screentime, Our Lady Help of Christians, Student Wellbeing

  Newsletter No 13 15th May 2019

Principal's Message, Parish Car park, Student Data Survey, Canteen Online, Student Food Allergies, Morning Drop Off, School Hours, Classroom Distruptions, Mothers Day Liturgy and Stall, Mothers Day High Tea, NAPLAN 2019, TTFM Survey, Monday Morning Assembly, Head Lice ALERT, Kindergarten Incursion, Mrs Ryan Writing Group, MacKillop Rugby League Trials, Diocesan Cross Country, Representive Sports Shirts

  Newsletter No 11 1st May 2019

Principal's Message, Car Pickup, Building Update, Student Attendance, Canteen Online, Head Lice Alert, Winter Uniform, Student Medical Information, ANZAC Day Ceremony, Holy Week Liturgy, Year 1 Excursion, NAPLAN 2019, Year 3 Excursion, P&F News, EAster Raffle, Monday Morning Assembly

  Newsletter No 9 3rd April 2019

Principal’s Message, School Fees, Enrolments, Student Attendance, Principal Awards, Canteen News, Leaving, Winter Uniform, Term Two Dates, Holy Week, Room on the Broom, STMM Parish, Morning Assembly, NSWCPS Championships, P&F News, Parents Working Bee

  Newsletter No 8 27th March 2019

School Fees, Enrolments, Parent Reminder, School Uniforms, Car Pick up, Head Lice Alert, Storm Damage, Harmony Day, CEDP Parent Retreat, NAPLAN 2019, Australian Government Student Residential Address

  Heading for Newsletter No 7 20th March 2019

Principal’s Message, Harmony Ribbon, Important Notice, Storm Damage, Student Attendance, School Fees, School Uniforms, School Student National Data Collection, Harmony Day, NAPLAN 2019, Year 2 Excursion, Morning Assembly, Working Bee, Open Morning, P&F News

  Newsletter No 6 13th March 2019

NAPLAN 2019, Student Attendance, Holidays, School Fees, Enrolment, Ash Wednesday Mass, Year 5 Dioramas, Monday Assembly, Easter Raffle

  Newsletter No 5 6th March 2019

Principal’s Message, Parent/Teacher interviews, Excursions, School Fees, Enrolment, Building update, Internet use, Attendance month, Stranger Danger, School Uniforms, Year 5 Pancake Tuesdays, World Youth Day 2019, Suprise Birthday Assembly, Primary Cross Country, Thank you, NRMA Road Safety, P&F News, Premier’s Reading Challenge

  Newsletter No 2 13th February 2019

Car Pickup, Morning Drop-off, School Fees, Student Medical Info, Photo Permission, Allergies, School Hours, Opening School Mass, Parents Meet and Greet, Monday Morning Assembly, Media Team 2019

  Newsletter No 1 6th February 2019

Principal’s Message, Student Medical Information, Photo Permission, School Fees, Change of Details, Allergies, Change of classes, School Uniforms, Crunch And Sip, School Hours, Important Dates for Term 1, Sports Days, Parish Carpark, Codes of Conduct, Library Borrowing, Skoolbag App, School Website, 2019 Staff Personnel, Student Leaders 2019, Zone Swimming Carnival, Four Pillars of Learning, Teaching and Learning

  Heading for Newsletter No 41 18th December 2018

Principal’s Message, Words of Thanks, Farewells, 2019 Staff Personnel, Student Leaders 2019, Student Classes, Important Dates, STMM Parish

  Newsletter No 40 12th December 2018

Principal’s Message, Office News, MAI Testing, Leaving, Change of Details, Student Classes, Skoolbag, Reports, Christmas Concert, Stranger Danger, Requirements List, Student Leaders 2019

  Newsletter No 37 28th November 2018

Principal's Message, Christmas Concert, Monday Morning Assembly, Library Books, Principal's Award Morning Tea, Year Three Liturgy, Christmas Card Competition, Final Kindergarten Orientation Morning, P&F News

  Newsletter No 36 21st November 2018

Christmas Concert, Morning Assembly, Feast of Christ the King and Leadership, Christmas Card Competition, Kindergarten Orientation Morning, Year 5 Narrabeen Adventure, Year 5 Leadership

  Heading for Newsletter No 35 14th November 2018

Allergies, Student Banking, Christmas Concert, Kindy Orientation, Remembrance Day, Year 2, Student Prayer, P&F News

  Newsletter No 34 7th November 2018

Principal's Message, Important, Car Pick-up Service, Speak Boldly and With Passion, Student Banking, School Uniforms, Monday Morning Assembly, Faith Fair, Personal Growth,

  Heading for Newsletter No 33 31st October 2018

Important, Monday Morning Assembly, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey, Year 3 Incursion, Faith Community, World Teachers Day

  Newsletter No 32 24th October 2018

Principal's Message, Thank you, School Uniforms, Secondary Evacuation Drill, Chewing Gum, Lost Property, Car Pick Up, Thank you, Morning Assembly, Information Technology and Communication, Year One Bicentennial Parl, STMM Feast Day, The Rosary,Year 5 Crunch and Sip Day, Fred Hollows Humanitarian Award

  Newsletter No 31 17th October 2018

Administration, Teaching & Learning, Important dates for Term 4, Personal Growth, Partnership, Faith Community

  Heading for Newsletter No 30 26th September 2018

School Office, Summer Uniform, Head Lice, Lost Property, Stranger Danger, Infants Tabloid Carnival, Science Incursion, Religious Education Projects, Touch Football Gala Day

  Newsletter No 29 19th September 2018

Principal’s Message, Administration, School Hours, Car Pick Up, Important Dates for Term 4, Teaching and Learning, Faith Community, Personal Growth, School Fun Run

  Newsletter No 28 12th September 2018

School Office, School Uniforms, Principals Morning Tea, Allergies, Chicken Pox, Head Lice Alert, Car Pick up, Year three Liturgy, Year 2 Writing

  Newsletter No 27 5th September 2018

School Fees, School Uniform, Lost Property, Monday Morning Assembly, Year 4 Writing, Year 4 Homework Tasks, Father day Breakfast & Liturgy, P&F News, Library News, St Paul’s Visit, MyTime D.A.D.S

  Newsletter No 26 29th August 2018

School Fees, Reading Diary, School Uniforms, Tuesday Morning Assembly, Father's Day Prayer and Blessing, Year Five Liturgy, Winter Sleep out, Year One Science Incursion, Diocese Athletics Carnival, Colour Run Fundraiser, Library News

  Newsletter No 25 22nd August 2018

Year 5 Debating, 2018 School Readiness Online Testing, Leaving, Allergies, Student Attendance, Correct School Uniform, In Class Visits, Reading Diary, Victorian School Visits, Book Week

  Newsletter No 24 15th August 2018

Leaving, Student Attendance, School Fees, Lost Property, Pyjama Day, Book Fair, Book Week

  Newsletter No 23 - 8th August 2018

In this issue: Principal's Message, Dates to Remember, 2019 Enrolments, New Website, Zone Carnival, Mini Vinnies Sausage Sizzle, Parish Car Park, World Youth Day Raffle, School Uniforms, Pyjama Day, Classroom Upgrade, Voice of Youth, Mini Vinnies Workshop, Asthma First Aid & more...

  Newsletter No 22 - 1st August 2018

In this issue: Dates to Remember, School Photos, 2019 Enrolments, Administration Reminders, Monday Assembly, Mini Vinnies Sausage Sizzle Lunch, The Legacy of Stephen Kevin Tompsett, Premier's Reading Challenge, Book Fair & more..!

  Newsletter No 21 25 July 2018

Principal's Message, School Photos, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets, School Uniforms, Car Pick Up, Important Dates for Term 3

  Newsletter No 20 4th July 2018

School Fees, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets, Important Dates for Term 3 School Photos

  Newsletter No 19 27th June 2018

Principals Message, Important Dates for Term 3, School Photos, Parent/Teacher Interviews, K2019 Enrolments, School Fees, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets

  Newsletter No 18 20-6-18

School Fees, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets, Leaving, Mr Mills Leave, School Timetable, Enrolments, School Interviews, Help Required, P&F School Disco

  Newsletter No 17 13th June 2018

Principal's Message, School Fees, Enrolment, Mr Mils' Leave, School Timetable Changes, Semester One Reports, Canteen, Excursions and Incursions, Holiday Work, WYD Raffel Tickets, Lost Property, School Website, Yearbook, Zone Athletics Team,

  Newsletter No 16 6th June 2018

Enrolments, KYellow, Car Pick -Up, Uniforms, Yr 6 Canberra

  Newsletter No 15 Wednesday 30th May 2018

Principals Message, Enrolments, Winter Uniform, Attendance Month, Semester 1 Interviews, Excursion and Incursions, 2017 Yearbook, TTFM Survey

  Newsletter No 14 23-5-2018

Winter Uniform, Enrolments, Compulsory School Events, Student Attendance, Principal's Awards, TTFM Survey, Term 2 Grade Liturgies

  Newsletter No 13 16th May 2018

Principal Message, School Fees, Attendance, Winter uniform, Excursions, P&F News, QCS, World Youth Day

  Newsletter No 12 9th May 2018

Mother's Day, K2019 Enrolments, Mother's Day Liturgy, Important Dates for Term 2

  Newsletter No 11 2nd May 2018

Principal Message, Winter Uniform, Enrolment, Attendance Compulsory, Car Pick Up, School Hours, Student Medical Information, Thank you, Important Dates for Term Two, Mother's Day High Tea, Mother's Day Wrapping, Mother's Day Stall, Uniform Shop

  Newsletter No 10 11th April 2018

Important Dates for Term Two, Winter Uniform, School Fees, 2019 Enrolments,

  Newsletter No 9 4th April 2018

Principal's Message, K2019 Enrolments, Students Attendance, Winter Uniform, Important Dates for 2018.

  Newsletter No 9 4th April 2018

Principal's Message, Important Dates for Term Two, 2019 Enrolments, Lost Property, Winter Uniform.

  Newsletter No 8 28th March 2018

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Easter Raffle Winners, St Margaret Mary's Parish Holy Week Timetable & Easter Celebrations.

  Newsletter No 7 21-3-2018

Principals' Message, Mufti Day, Enrolments K2019, Student Attendance, Leaving, Holidays, School Fees, Stations of the Cross, Diocesan Cross Country Change of Date, P&F News, Easter Egg Donation, Easter Baskets, Easter Raffle Tickets

  Newsletter No 6 Wednesday, 14th March 2018

Attendance Month, Car Pick Up, Morning Assembly, St Patricks Day, 2019 Enrolments, Mini Vinnies, Easter Raffle.

  Newsletter No 5 7th March 2018

Principal's Message, Thank you, Excursions, 2019, Friendly Reminder, Parking, Car Pick Up, School Fees, School Uniform, Attendance Month, P&F Meeting, P&F Easter Raffle, Catholic Schools Week, Anaphylaxis Awareness

  Newsletter No 4 28th February 2018

Mr Mills, Catholic Schools Week 2018, Road Rules Awareness Week.

  Newsletter No 2 14th February 2018

Bullying, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, Student Medical Information, Photo Permission, Opening School Mass, Meet & Greet Morning Tea, Parramatta Eels, St Paul's Open Day, Delany College Open Day.

  Newsletter No 1 7th February 2018

Principal's Message, Whole School Opening Mass, Important Dates for Term 1, Sport Days, Library Days, School Hours, Medical Information, Car Pick Up,

  Newsletter No 40 13th December 2017

Principal's Message, Staff for 2018, 2018 Student Leaders, Important Dates for 2018, Student Interviews 2017, P&F News, StMM Parish Christmas Mass Times

  Newsletter No 39 6th December 2017

Semester Two Reports, Students Interviews for 2018, Student's Classes, Important Dates for Term Four, Student Leaders for 2018, Principal's Morning Tea. Christmas Concert, Thanksgiving Mass

  Newsletter No 38 29th November 2018

Principal's Message, Movember Great Shave, Christmas Raffle Draw, Important Dates for End of 2017, Important Dates for 2018, Library Books, P&F News, St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal.

  Newsletter No 37

Movember, Important Dates for end of 2017, Important Dates for 2018, Library News, P&F News, P&F Christmas Raffle, P&F Annual General Meeting.

  Newsletter No 36 15th November 2017

Sacrament of Confirmation, Important Dates for the end 2017, Important Dates for 2018, Year Book, P&F AGM, P&F Christmas Raffle, Library News, Movember

  Newsletter No 35 8th November 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, Parking, Slime, Movember, Mini Vinnies', School Band

  Newsletter No 34 31st October 2017

Principal's Message, Normal School Thursday, Staff Professional Learning Day, Principal's Morning Tea, Wacky Hair Day, Kindergarten 2018 Parent Information Evening, Fete Success

  Newsletter No 33 25th October 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, Plaster Painting, Lost Property, Thanking our Teachers, Homework club, School Museum Quiz, Principal Morning Tea, Fred Hollows Humanity Award.

  Newsletter No 32 18th October 2017

Principal's Message, Library Borrowing, Staff Professional Learning Day, School Uniforms, Fete News, Parish Car Park, Mission Mass, School Museum, StMM's 75th Anniversary and Feast Day Mass, St Margaret Mary's Picnic Day,

  Newsletter No 30 20th September 2017

Year One liturgy, Kindergarten Liturgy, Year 6 Electrical creations, Year 4 Science Incursion and scavenger hunt, School band concert

  Newsletter No 29 13th September 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, Summer Uniform, Car Pick up, P&F News, Important Dates for Term 4.

  Newsletter No 27 30th August 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, 2018 Enrolments,Term Three School Fees, School Uniforms, School Hours, Assembly, Fete Week

  Newsletter No 26 23rd August 2017

School Readiness Online Testing, Assembly and Book Week, Student prayer,Book Week

  Newsletter No 25 16th August 2017

2018 Enrolments, Term Three School Fees, Car Pick Up, Year Three Mufti Day

  Newsletter No 24 9th August 2017

Principal's Message, New School Phone Number, 2018 Enrolments, therm Three Fees, Car Pick-Up, Pyjama Day, St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Liturgy, Monday Morning Assembly, Sausage Sizzle, Mini Vinnies' Winter Sleepout, Book Fair, PRC, P&F News & Fete

  Newsletter No 23 2nd August 2017

Term Three School Fees, Whole School Photo, Students Attendance, Mini Vinnies' Sausage Sizzle, Book Fair

  Newsletter No 22 26th July 2017

Principal's Message, Years 3-6 Reports Semester 1, Head Lice Alert, Term 3 School Fees, Grandparents Liturgy,Cumberland Zone Athletics Team, P&F Meeting, Father's Day Stall, 75th Anniversary Fete, 75th Anniversary Yearbook & Family Portrait

  Newsletter No 21 19th July 2017

School Prayer, New Finance System, Applying for Student Leave, Partial Absences, Important Dates for Term Three, P&F News, Canteen Price List

  Newsletter No 20 28th June 2017

2018 Enrolments, Old Photos, Mufti Day, Lost Property, Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass, Important Dates for Term Three, Principal's Morning Tea, Canteen Price Increase, School Band, Year Four Excursion, Year Two Excursion, P&F News

  Newsletter No 19 21st June 2017

Principal's Message, Mr Mills Says, "Thank You", 2018 Enrolments, School Fees, Catholic Education Funding, Semester One Interviews, Attendance, Old School Photos, Excursions, Mini Vinnies, School Fees. P&F Fete Meeting, P&F Meeting

  Newsletter No 18 14th June 2018

2018 Enrolments, Semester One Interviews, School Photos, Homework Club, P&F School Fete Meeting, P&F Meeting, School Disco, New Accounting System

  Newsletter No 17 7th June 2017

2018 Enrolments, School Fees, New Finance System, Semester 1 Interviews. Premier's Reading Challenge, P&F Meeting, P&F Fete Meeting

  Newsletter No 16 31st may 2017

2018 Enrolments, School Fees, Monday Assembly, Pentecost Prayer Service, Year Six Liturgy, Year Six PACER, Cumberland Council, NRL Gala Day, Primary Athletics Carnival, Lost Property

  Newsletter No 16 24th May 2017

Mr Mills Update, 2018 Enrolments, School Fees, Attendance, Athletics Carnival, Canberra Excursion, Year One Spaghetti,

  Newsletter No 14 17th May 2017

2018 Enrolments, Reading Club, Mother's Day Liturgy, Change of Address, Skoolbag App

  Newsletter No 13 10th May 2017

Canteen, 2018 Enrolments, Term Two Fees, attendance, Monday Morning Assembly, Mother's Day Liturgy, Year Six at Delany College, Diocesan Cross Country, P&F Mother's Day Stall, P&F Mother's Day High Tea, Premier's Reading Challenge

  Newsletter No 12 3rd May, 2017

2018 Enrolments, Mr Mills on Leave, Term Two School Fees, Winter Uniforms, Mother's Day Liturgy, Premier's Reading Challenge, Liturgies for Term Two, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Mother's Day High Tea, Mother's Day Wrapping and Stall

  Newsletter No 11 26th April 2017

ANZAC Day, Winter Uniform, Cross country, Holy Week, Important Dates for Term 2, 2018 Enrolments, Attendance,

  Newsletter No 10 5th April, 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, Winter Uniform, Thank you, Canteen, 2018 Enrolments, Attendance, Important Dates for Term Two, School Resumes

  Newsletter No 9 29th March, 2017

Easter Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, School Attendance, QCS Survey, Winter Uniforms, 2018 Enrolments, School Photo's, Holy Week, Cup Cake Day, Easter Raffle, Easter Mufti Day, P&F Fete

  Newsletter No 8 22nd March, 2017

Staff Professional Learning Day, Student Attendance, QCS Survey, Easter Raffle, Easter Mufti Day, Easter Basket Helpers, St Patrick's Day, School Photo's.

  Newsletter No 7 15th March, 2017

Prayer Service Changes for Yr 6 and Yr 2, 2018 Enrolments, School Fees, St Patrick's Day, Staff Professional Learning Day, Student Attendance, Reading Folders, School Photos, Premier's Reading Challenge, Easter Raffle, Easter Mufti Day.

  Newsletter No 6, Wednesday, 8th March, 2017

School Cross Country, Cancelled, 2018 Enrolments, Attendance Month,

  Newsletter No 5 1st March 2017

Cross Country Postponed, Catholic Schools Week, P&F Meeting, Parent Education Meeting, Safety Around Schools, School Fees, 2018 Enrolments, Attendance Month, Easter Raffle,

  Newsletter No 4 22nd February 2017

Friendly Reminder, Car Pick Up, March Attendance Month, School Diary, Parent Education Meeting, Liturgies for Term One,

  Newsletter No 3 15th February 2017

School Fees, Skoolbag App, Student Medical Information, School Hours, Parent Education Meeting, Parish Car Park, Car Pickup, P&F News, Letter from the Bishop.

  Newsletter No 2 8th February 2017

Anaphylaxis in our School, Student Medical Information, Cumberland Zone Swimming Carnival, P&F Meet and Greet, SkoolbagApp

  Important Dates for Term 1

Important Dates for Term 1

  Important Dates for 2017

Important Dates for the Beginning of Term 1 2017.

  Newsletter No 41 13th December 2016

Staff Farewells, 2017 Staffing, 2017 Student Leaders, Student 2017 MAI Interview bookings, 2017 Student requirement list, Important Dates for 2017.

  Newsletter No 40 7th December 2016

Important Dates for Term Four,Semester Two Reports, Students' Classes Student Interviews 2017, Thanks Giving Mass, Christmas Carols, Student Leaders 2017, P&F News, Christmas Mass Times.

  Newsletter No 39 30th November 2016

Library Borrowing, Auditor Required, Swimming Carnival, Busking Under the Sun, Art Exhibition, Thank you Morning Tea, Head Lice.

  Newsletter No 38 23rd November 2016

Principal's Message, Condolences, Community Matter, Important Dates, Lost Property, P&F News, P&F AGM.

  Newsletter No 37 16th November 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Important Dates for Term 4, P&F Bingo Night,

  Newsletter No 36 Wednesday 9th November 2016

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Principal's Morning Tea. School Uniform, School Playground, P&F News, Principal Awards,

  Newsletter No 35 Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Staff Professional Learning, Kindergarten 2017 Orientation Day, Principal's Morning Tea, Head Lice, Infants Tabloid Sports Carnival, Important Dates

  Newsletter No 34 Wednesday, 26th October 2016

Important Dates, Principals Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Who can I go Home with, Skoolbag App, Reading Folders, Parent Reminder, School Uniforms, P&F News, Parish Car Park

  Newsletter No 33 19th October 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Canteen, Parish Car Park, Grade Liturgy Dates for Term Four, Library Helper, P&F Dates, WYD High Tea.

  Newsletter No 32 12th October 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Canteen News, Year Four Sports Days, St Margaret Mary's Feast Day, Morning Assembly, P&F News, Important Dates for Term 4

  Newsletter No 31 21st September 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Welcome, Parent Reminder, Leaving, Important Dates for Term Four, Morning Assembly, Delany Debating, P&F Updates for Term 4, Skoolbag App Login

  Newsletter No 30 14th September 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Lost Property, Summer Uniform, Who can I go home with, Canteen, Head Lice Alert.

  Newsletter No 29 7th September 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Farewell Mrs Kerrie Booth, Father's Day Liturgy and Stall, Mangahigh Results, Principal's Morning Tea, P&F Meetting, Royal Commission

  Newsletter No 28 31st August 2016

Staff Professional Day, School Fees, Parish Car Park, Book Fair, Book Week Parade, Top Five Days, Father's Day Stall, Father's Day Liturgy, Father's Day Breakfast.

  Newsletter No 27 24th August 2016

Parent Literacy Meeting, NAPLAN Results, ICT Outage, Term Three School Fees, Students Attendance, Year Six Graduation, Skoolbag App, Book Fair, Mangahigh Games,

  Newsletter No 26 17th August 2016

Top 10 Days, Students Attendance, Book Fair, P&F Father's Day Stall & Wrapping, Book Week, Way of Mercy, The Assumption, Yr3 Featherdale Wildlife Park, Olympic Spirit, Zone Athletics Carnival, Principal's Morning Tea,

  Newsletter No 25 10th August 2016

Retirement, Olympic Games Day, Lost Property, Students Attendance, Premier's Reading Challenge, ACARA, P&F Father's Day Stall Helpers, P&F St Mary MacKillop Museum Tour

  Newsletter No 24 3rd August 2016

Holding the Cross Prayer, Crunch and Sip, Kindergarten Excursion, Year One Incursion, Voice of Youth, Netball Gala Day, Cumberland Zone Carnival, P&F St Mary MacKillop Museum Tour. Grade Liturgies for Term 3

  Newsletter No 23 27th July 2016

Car Pick Up, World Youth Day, StMM's Award System, Head Lice, Term Three School Fees, Monsignor McGovern Portrait Prize, StMM's Top Ten Days, Year Four Excursion

  Newsletter No 22 20th July, 2016

Principal's Message, Attendance, Student Medical Information, Enrolments, StMM's Top Ten Days, Way of Mercy Cross and Relics, Owl Badges, StMM's Award System, Premier's Reading Challenge, Child Protection, Monsignor McGovern Portrait Prize.

  Newsletter No 21 29th June 2016

Principal's Message, Staff Changes, Cyberbullying, Important Dates for Term Three, Reading During the Holidays,

  Newsletter No 20 22nd June 2016

Semester One Reports, Semester One Interviews, World Youth Day, Pyjama Day, Primary Sports Carnival, Child Protection

  Newsletter No 19 15th June 2016

Principal's Message, 2017 Enrolments, School Fees, Parking, Semester One Parent/Teacher/ Student Interviews, Child Protection for Volunteers, Federal Election, Pyjama Day.

  Newsletter No 18 8th June 2016

Staff Professional Learning Day, Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day Postponed, Semester One Reports, Semester One Interviews, Stage 2 Soccer, Athletics Carnival. School Fees Over Due, Back Up Date for Athletics Carnival,

  Newsletter No 17 Wednesday 1st June 2016

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Semester One Reports, Semester One Interviews, School Fees, Lost Property, Athletics Carnival, Life Education, P&F Meeting, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Dental Assessment

  Newsletter No 16 25th May 2016

Professional Learning Day, School Fees, Child Protection, P&F Meeting, 2017 Enrolments

  Newsletter No 15 18th May 2016

2017 Enrolments, Skoolbag App, School Photo's Term Two School Fees, School Newsletter Distribution Changes, Uniforms, P&F Meeting, School Zone Safety,

  Newsletter No 14 11th May 2016

Skoolbag App, Pentecost Liturgy, Grade Liturgy Dates, Canberra Excursion, Mother's Day Liturgy and Stall, Enrolments Kindy 2017,

  Newsletter No 13 4th May 2016

Mother's Day Liturgy, Mother's Day Stall, Price Increase, Enrolment 2017, 1-2-3 Magic, NAPLAN, Uniform, Pentecost Liturgy,

  Newsletter No 12 27th April 2016

2017 Enrolment, Attendance, Canteen, Term Two Fees, School Uniforms, Parents Using School Facilities, P&F Mother's Day, Secondhand Uniform Shop.

  Newsletter No 11 Wednesday 6th April 2016

Mufti Day, Concerns/Complaints Procedures, Winter Uniform, 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Course, Important Dates for Term 2,

  Newsletter No 10 Wednesday, 30th March, 2016

Winter Uniform, School Fees, Important Dates for Term Two, Mufti Day, Students Easter Reflections

  Newsletter No 9 23rd March 2016

1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching for Parents, QCS Survey, Student Attendance, Easter Raffle Winners, St Margaret Mary's Parish Holy Week Ceremonies Times, St Margaret Mary's Parish Easter Cleebrations

  Newsletter No 16th March 2016

School History, Holy Week Liturgies, Cross Country, Year Six Graduation, Premier's Reading Challenge, P&F Mufti Day Easter Egg Donations, Bunnings BBQ Helpers, St Margaret Mary's Parish Holy Week Times

  Newsletter No 6 9th March 2016

Important Letter, School Fees, Year Six Canberra, Parent/Student/Teacher, Catholic Schools Week Sports Activities Day, Easter Raffle, Uniform Shop

  Newsletter No 6 2nd March 2016

CEDP Visitors, Catholic Schools Week, Attendance Month, Congratulations, Staff Professional Learning, P&F Meeting, P/T/S Interviews

  Newsletter No 4 24th February 2016

Canteen, Attendance Month, School Fees, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews,

  Newsletter No 3 17th February 2016

The Holy Door in Parramatta, Parking, Attendance Month, 2017 Enrolments, School Fees, StMM Awards System, Reading Folders,P/T/S Interviews,

  Newsletter No 2 10th February 2016

Student Medical Information, Photo Permission, Car Pick Up, Parking, Crossing, School Communication, Parent-Teacher-Student Meeting

  Newsletter No 1 3rd February 2016

Welcome Back, Opening School Mass, Student Medical Information, Photo Permission, Allergies, School Uniforms, Important Dates, Sports Days, Library Borrowing, Student Leaders, Sacramental Program Dates, Parent to Parent, Canteen Helpers,

  Newsletter No 41, 15th December,2015

Christmas Candy Cane Story, StMM'S Staff 2016, Christmas Celebrations, StMM'S Parish Christmas Mass Times

  Newsletter No 40 9th December 2015

School Interviews, End of Year Events, Semester Two Reports, Farewell Teachers, Student Classes, Waiting Lists, Holiday Work, Premier's Reading Challenge, Student Leaders for 2016, Principal Awards, Important Dates for Terms 1&2 2016

  Newsletter No 39 2nd December 2015

Staff Professional Learning Day, MAI Testing,

  Newsletter No 38 25th November 2015

Visiting Artist, Professional Learning Day, Invitational Swimming Carnival, Mathematical assessment Interview Testing.

  Newsletter No 37 18th November 2015

Resource Fes, Narrabeen, Stage 3 Working Bee, Parents and Friends AGM & Night Out

  Newsletter No 36 11th November 2015

Parent Literacy Information Session, Kindergarten Orientation Literacy Session, Staff Professional Learning Day, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets,P&F AGM, P&F Sponsors, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Inaugural Year Six Art Exhibition,

  Newsletter No 35 4th November 2015

Parent Literacy Meeting, Influenza, School Fees, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets, Year Five Prayer Service, Year Four Assembly, Instagram, P&F Bingo Night, Christmas Gift Box, Uniform Shop

  Newsletter No 34 28th October 2015

The Sacrament of Confirmation, Monday Morning assembly, School Uniforms, Lost Property, Infants Liturgy, Kindergarten 2016 Parent Information Evening, Car Safety, P&F Bingo Night, P&F Gift Donations for Bingo Night, Family Portraits.

  Newsletter No 33 21st October 2015

2016 Students Return to School Changes, Term 4 Numeracy Parent Session:MAI, Lost Property, Attendance, Term Four Assembly, Bingo Night, Mission Mass, Family Portraits, AGM, St Margaret Mary's Feast Day.

  Newsletter No 32 14th October 2015

Concentrate - On Little Things, Infants Liturgy, Leaving, School Fees, Students Attendance, St Margaret Mary's Feast Day, Minni Vinnies' Maths Matters, Some tips to Improve Comprehension, Sports Shoes, P&F

  Newsletter No 31 7th October 2015

Important Dates for Term Four, Students Attendance, Car Pick Up, Summer Uniform, School Band, Touch Football Gala Day, P&F Meeting, PRC, BINGO Night.

  Newsletter No 30, 16th September 2015

Mufti Day - Favourite Team Jersey, Summer Uniform, P&F Meeting Cancelled, Debating Team, Important Dates for Term 4, World Youth Day.

  Newsletter No 29 9th September 2015

The Year of Mercy, Staff Professional Learning Day, Student Absence for School, Mufti Day, Car Pick Up, Leaving, Summer Uniform, Cyber Wise, Parents & Friends Meeting

  Newsletter No 28 2nd September, 2015

Staff Professional Learning Day, Student Absence, Parents Speaking with Students, Father's Day BBQ, Mufti Day Sport, Lost Property, P&F Meeting, Year Three Liturgy, Monday Morning Assembly.

  Newsletter No 27 26th August 2015

Storm Damage, Enrollments, Excursions, Car Pick Up, First Communion, Voice Of Youth,Book Fair, Book Week, RSPCA Cup Cake Stall, Father's Day Stall, Second Hand Uniform Shop, P&F Meeting, School Disco, Father's Day Breakfast.

  Newsletter No 26 19th August 2015

Car Pick Up, NAPLAN, Child Protection, Monday Morning Assembly, Mini Vinnies Sleep out, School Fees, P&F Meeting, Father's Day Stall, Second Hand Uniform Shop

  Newsletter No 25 Wednesday 12th August 2015

Telephone Disruption, Congratulations, Year One Prayer Service, St Mary of the Cross Liturgy, Cumberland Zone Carnival, Peer Review, Canadian Visitor, Pyjama Day, Father's Day Breakfast, Mini Vinnies, Book Fair, Cupcake Stall.

  Newsletter No 24 5th August 2015

ACARA , Pyjama Day, Fr Peter James Visits Year Six, Kindergarten Excursion, Premier's Reading Challenge, Year Six Energy and Electricity

  Newsletter No 23 29th July 2015

Parent Information Night, School Feed, Garden Beds, Pyjama Day, Cumberland Zone Athletics Carnival, PRC, Safety Around Schools.

  Newsletter No 22 22nd July 2015

Change of Details, Travel Arrangements, Leaving in 2015, The Ultimate Gardening Group, Mini Vinnies, Netball Gala Day, Book Fair Helpers, Taekwondo Tournament

  Newsletter No 20 24th June 2015

Attendance, School reports & Interviews, Medical Plans, Stranger Danger, School Zones, Child Protection, Important Dates for Term #,

  Newsletter No 19 17th June 2015

Parent/Teacher Interviews, School Reports, Kindergarten 2016 Interviews, Child Protection Clearance, Medical Plans, Stranger Danger, Attendance

  Newsletter No 18 10th June 2015

Parent Education Meeting, Child Protection Clearance, Traffic Update, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Athletics Carnival.

  Newsletter No 17 3rd June 2015

Message from Principal, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, Parent Education Meetings, Primary Athletics Carnival, 2016 Enrolments, Car Pick Up, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Year Four Dioramas, P&F Meeting

  Newsletter No 16 27th May 2015

2016 Enrolments, School Interviews, Australian Government Assistance, Athletics Carnival, Maths boxes, Rugby League Carnival, Girls Soccer Gala Day, P&F Meeting, Secondhand Uniform Shop.

  Newsletter No 15 20th May 2015

From the Principal, Warm Welcome, School Fees, New Student Reports, World Youth Day, NRL Carnival, Year Three Science, Tea Towels

  Newsletter No 14 Wednesday 13th May 2015

School Photos, 2016 Enrolment, Parent Education Evenings, Professional Learning Day, Uniforms, School Fees, Morning Assembly, Mother's Day Liturgy

  Newsletter No 13 Wednesday 6th May

Enrolment 2016, Staff Development Day, NAPLAN Timetable, Car Pick-up, Uniforms, Parent Education Meeting, Help Needed, Mr Mills' Reading diary, School Fees. Guiding Writers to Independence, Mother's Day Liturgy,

  Newsletter No 11 29th April 2015

Reports, Interviews, Parent Education Evening, Professional Learning Day, Bead making, Year One, ANZAC Liturgy, Farewell Mass, Mother's Day Liturgy,

  Newsletter No 22nd April 2015

ANZAC & Easter, Enrolment 2015, Winter Uniform, Industrial Action, Important Dates, Reading Folders, New Awards, Easter Raffle Results, Mother's Day, Second Hand Uniform, Medication,

  Newsletter No 10 1st April 2015

From the Principal, School Band Head Lice, Winter Uniform, 2016 Enrollment, Important Dates, Holy Week,

  Newsletter No 9 25th March 2015

Holy Week, Easter Mufti Day,Year Four Liturgy, Mini Vinnies, Year One Community Workers, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Easter Raffle,

  Newsletter No 8 18th March 2015

From the Principal, CEDP Schooling Survey, SPANS, School Choir, Project Compassion, Holy Week, Captivate, Parent Helpers Wanted, Parish Car Park, Easter Raffle, Catholic Schools Week, 2015 State Election, Premier's Reading Challenge.

  Newsletter No 7 Wednesday 11th March 2015

Compulsory School Attendance Information, School Fees, Raffle Tickets, CEDP Schooling Survey, Enrollments 2016, Harmony Day, Project Compassion, Parent Helpers Wanted,

  Newsletter No 6 4th March 2015

Project Compassion, School Photos, Schools Fees, Judging Others, Catholic Schools Week, Cross Country, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Road Safety

  Newsletter No 4 18th February 2015

From the Principal, School Assemblies, School Fees, School Photos, P&F Canteen Helpers, Road Safety, St Margaret Mary's Parish Sacramental Program

  Newsletter No 2 4th February 2015

Information evenings, Colour Captains & SRC, Staffing, Sport & Library Days

  Newsletter No 1 15th January 2015

Welcome back, Car pick up, changes to class


Mrs Haurdic's Farewell, Graduation Mass Awards, Staffing for 2015

  Newsletter No 39 10th December 2014

Reports go home, Mrs Haurdic's Farewell, Christmas Carols, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, St Margaret Mary's Got Talent, St Margaret Mary's Parish News

  Newsletter No 38 3rd December 2014

Leaving, Reports, Farewell, School Captains, Sydney Youth Writing Competition Presentation Night, Visual Arts Exhibition, P&F Annual General Meeting, Movember Disco, St Margaret Mary's Parish Christmas Mass Times

  Newsletter 37 26th November 2014

'H' Day, Visual Art Exhibition, Student Banking, Year Four Liturgy, Year Six Listen, Act, Share, P&f AGM, Movember, Disco, Headlice, Library News, Lost Property, Swimming Carnival

  Newsletter No 36

Farewell Mrs Haurdic, Mumps, Year 4 Liturgy, Visual Arts Exhibition, 'H'Day, Year Five Leadership Day, Movember, MoDisco Helpers

  Newsletter No 35 12th November 2014

Library Borrowing, Attendance, At School on Time, End of Year Events, Moving, Journalists Interview, MOvember, What is a Church, St Margaret Mary's Got Talent

  Newsletter No 34 5th November 2014

Mr Mills Pilgrimage,Students Late for School, Uniform, Absentee Notes, Parent to Parent Movember,

  Newsletter No 33 29th October 2014

Stage 3 Touch Football Gala Day, St Margaret Mary's Parish News,

  Newsletter No 32 22nd October 2014

Families Leaving, Grade Assemblies for Term 4, Year 5 Reminder, Stusent Data Validation Forms Reminder,

  Newsletter No 31 15th October 2014

Feast Day, Student Validation, Car Pick Up

  Newsletter No 30 17th September 2014

Stop work Meeting, Summer Uniform, Staff Development Day, Important Dates for Term 4, Car Pick Up, Infants Sports Carnival, School Media Team, Change in Bus Route and Time table, ACARA

  Newsletter No 29 10th September 2014

The World of Children, Staff Development Day, Infants Sports Carnival. Leaving, Trees in Our School, Swimming Program 2014, Car Pick Up, Year Six Graduation, School Fees, Parents and Friends Meeting, School Disco,

  Newsletter No 28 3rd September 2014

Father's Day Liturgy, Car Pick Up, Johnny Romeo & St Margaret Mary's Photo Team, Staff Development Day, NAPLAN, Voice of Youth Semi Finals, Father's Day Stall

  Newsletter No 27 27th August 2014

Reflection, Next Weeks Happenings, Premiers' Reading Challenge, Staff Development Day, School Photo's, Swimming Program, School Newsletter, Year 2 Excursion, Secondhand Uniform Shop,

  Newsletter No 26 20th August 2014

The Our Father, Book Week, Year 5 Debating, School Fees, Feast of the Assumption Mass, Premier's Reading Challenge, School Newsletter on line,

  Newsletter No 25 13th August 2014

"Time", School Fees Due, Premier's Reading Challenge, School Leaders Photos, Feast of the Assumption - Whole School Mass, Year Four The Rocks Excursion, Cumberland Zone Athletics Carnival Results, Kindergarten Farm Excursion, Media Team,

  Newsletter No 24 6th August 2014

Parking around the school, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Liturgy, Premier's Reading Challenge, School Newsletter, School Leaders Photos,

  Newsletter No 23 30th July 2014

A snapshot into learning, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Liturgy, Peek A Boo Lunch Box, School Tree Day by Year 5, Year 6 Literacy, The Week by Media Team,

  Newsletter No 22 23rd July 2014

Lolly Guessing Competition, Netball Gala Day, Parents Corner, Tasty Recipes, Second Hand Uniform Shop

  Newsletter No 21 16th July 2014

Morning Prayer for Students, Parents, teachers, Premier's Reading Challenge, Important Dates for Term 3, Sacramental Program, NAIDOC Week Celebration, Mangahigh Maths Challenge, National Tree Day, Kindergarten 2015, Cumberland Zone Athletics Team

  Newsletter No 20 25th June 2014

School Fees Reminder, Book Fair, Grade Assemblies for Term 3, NAIDOC Competition, Farewell, Important Dates for Term 3

  Newsletter No 19 18th June 2014

Athletics Carnival No 20th June, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, BookFair, Stranger Danger, School Drop off, Smoking Laws

  Newsletter No 18 11th June 2014

Athletics Carnival Cancelled, Book Fair has Arrived, Head Lice, Half Yearly Learning Reports/Interviews

  Newsletter No 17 4th June 2014

Mr Mills on Leave, Traffic Around School, Reports, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, P&F Meeting, Athletics Carnival, Book Fair Arrives

  Newsletter No 16 28th May 2014

Hold Hands, Staff Development Day, Road Safety, About Catholic Faith, School Fees, Kindergarten 2015 Enrolment, P&F Meeting Agenda, Australian Government Assistants, Book Fair, Reflection of our Week

  Newsletter No 15 21st May 2014

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2015, P&F Meeting Cancelled, School Photos Diocesan Works Fund Appeal, Year 6 Canberra Experience,

  Newsletter No 14 14th May 2014

School Photos, Staff Development Day, Kindergarten 2015 Enrolments, New Staff, Parish Building, Diocesan Works Fund Appeal, Parent to Parent. Mother's Day By Students

  Newsletter No 13 7th May 2014

Mother's Day Liturgy, Kindergarten 2015 Enrolments, Winter Uniform, Staff Development Day, Grade Assemblies, Grade Prayer Services, Mother's Day Stall.

  Parent Ideas Issue 7

This edition is full of fantastic ideas and information to help you get the most out the coming holiday period.

  Newlsetter No 11 9th April 2014

Holy Week Liturgy time change, Kindergarten 2015 Enrolments, Important Dates for Term 2, Winter Uniform, St Margaret Mary's Parish Holy Week Timetable, Media Team News

  Newsletter No 10 2nd April 2014

Holy Week, Privacy Amendment, Car Pick Up Zone, Cross Country, Mufti Day, Year 2 News,

  Newsletter No 8 19th March 2014

Cross Counrty, Safety in Davies Street, Parent to Parent

  Newsletter No 7 12th March 2014

Catholic Schools Week Reflection, Parking Around the School, Staff Prayer, Thank you, 'Crunch and Sip' Launch, Easter Raffle Tickets,

  Newsletter No 6 5th March 2014

Catholic School Week, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, P&F Meeting Easter Raffle, Parish Sacramental Class 2014

  Newsletter No 5 26th February 2014

Hats On, Hands Off, Catholic Schools Week, Zone Swimming Carnival, Sip and Crunch, Sacramental Class 2014, Retune Your TV

  Newsletter No 4 20th February 2014

Issues at School, Permission Notes, School Fees, Sacramental Classes 2014, From the Bishop's Office, Year Six Religion, St Margaret Mary's Football club, Crunch and Sip, St Pauls Catholic College

  Newsletter No 3 Wednesday 12th February 2014

Student Medical Information, Crunch and Sip, School Start Time, School Uniform, School Code of Conduct, Zone Swimming Carnival, Grade Assemblies, Grade prayer Services, Summer Holiday Reading Program, Canteen helpers

  Newsletter No 1 30th January 2014

School Leaders 2014, Change of Details, 2014 Staff, Grade Sports days, Grade Library Borrowing Days, School Band Lessons, Photo Permission, Car Pick up Zone, School Canteen price List, St Margaret Mary's JRLFC Inc